The linked IT services in a project are called resources in Coscine. Resources enable the integration of different data sources within a project. For example, if you want to store data in a project, you first need a resource type that provides storage space (e.g. resources from Research Data Storage (RDS)). With the GitLab resource, projects including code from GitLab can be included in Coscine. At the same time, data stored outside of RDS resources can be referenced via the “Linked Data” resource type.

The three RDS resources (Web, S3, WORM) are designed to meet different research data storage needs.

RDS web resources do not require technical expertise. Research data can be uploaded and downloaded via the browser, and metadata management is performed directly when the files are uploaded. Depending on the associated university, Coscine users are automatically provided with a quota of storage space.

RDS-S3 resources are accessed via S3 protocols and can be used with different clients. This allows a higher degree of automation of file uploads and downloads, but at the same time requires more technical expertise, including metadata management. All participating universities from the RDS consortium can request storage for this resource.

RDS WORM resources are identical in application to RDS-S3 resources, but have an additional level of security following the “write once, read many (WORM)” principle. WORM resources are designed to prevent tampering and unauthorized deletion. The allocated storage space can only be written to once. The WORM feature was originally developed to meet compliance requirements from the financial sector (e.g. SEC 17a4(f), FINRA Rule 4511(c)) and supports the implementation of Good Scientific Practice Guideline 12 1 ("[…] Documentation and research results must not be tampered with; they must be protected against tampering to the best of their ability." ). The level of security regarding immutability of files is unique in the field of research data and designed mainly for raw data requiring high protection. Storage space on this resource is allocated only after extensive review of the existing protection needs of the research data.

With the GitLab resource type, it is possible to manage metadata for GitLab repositories in Coscine.

The Linked Data resource type is used to manage metadata for files in external systems that are not Coscine integrated. This resource type is available to all Coscine users without restriction.

All information about resources in Coscine can be found on our documentation.

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