Coscine – Strong partner for your research project

Coscine is the research data management platform for your research project. Here your data becomes FAIR – from storage, description with metadata, collaboration with all participating researchers to archiving. All researchers from participating universities or with an ORCID can use Coscine.

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Uncomplicated data access

Coscine integrates the Research Data Storage (RDS), an S3-compatible object storage and enables linking of other data sources to display all project-relevant research data at a glance.

Invite all project members

Collaborative projects require easy access to data for all project members. In Coscine, researchers from different institutions can access their data jointly and easily.

FAIR research data

Coscine makes your data “Findable, Accessible, Interoperable & Reusable”. From integrated metadata management to the automatic assignment of persistent identifiers - here your research data becomes FAIR.

Workflow in Coscine

Coscine accompanies research projects from start to finish.



New project members get easy access to all relevant data sources, even if they work at a different institution.


Research data is described with metadata. This facilitates later retrieval and makes the data FAIR.

Diverse storage options

Users have various storage systems at their disposal: From GitLab, Linked Data to S3 Object Store - choose what suits you best!


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